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♥ What you'll get: ___________________________________________________________ Our most popular gift range yet! 1x White Text on timber Personalised Coat Hanger Please place your text in the order you would like it to appear - eg date, title, name left arm, centre, right arm ♥ Personalisation: ___________________________________________________________ We can customise - Font colour (Black, White, Gold, Copper) - Text (Dates, names, titles etc...) ♥ Lead Time: ___________________________________________________________ Generally all our items are shipped well within the first week however as noted please contact us if you are worried about items arriving prior to a certain date. We will advise you if your item will take a little longer than expected. ♥ Shipping: ___________________________________________________________ SHIPPING for this item is a flat rate of $15 for <4 hangers $20 Shipping for >4 hangers. Please contact us to ensure your postage is calculated correctly. If you'd like a few items and shipping is getting pricey flick us a message to give you a custom quote for postage. It will usually be cheaper than combined etsy pricing. ♥ Chalk + Co: ___________________________________________________________ www.chalknco.com www.facebook.com.au/chalknco @chalknco Copyright 2014 by Chalk + Co