Classic Baptism Candle

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The smooth candle is slightly larger than our ribbed candle at approximately 20cm x 7cm. The larger sizing allows for more text to be present on the candle, depending on the volume of text required will depend on the layout of your candle. Please note, no proof is required we will set it out on your behalf. See photos for examples of text. 

Personalised vellum band around your candle accompanied with luxuriously soft chiffon hand cut ribbon in your choice of colour with complimentary text colouring. 

Four Candle Image - Text is "Handwritten" style 
Harley Candle - "Brushed" Text
Brodie Candle-  "Script" text 
---------- Warning -----------
Please keep out of children's reach
Never leave burning candle unattended
Always burn on a level surface
Never burn in strong wind / draught
Please keep away from flammable objects
This candle is not a toy