15cm Mothers Day Hoop

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Limited Edition Personalised 15cm Mothers Day Hoop

What to give a mum that has everything? Something she will treasure for years and years to come? 

A beautiful velvet hoop printed with your very own handwriting. 

How do you supply your children's drawing? 

  1. Have your child draw their message on A4 white paper with black marker only. The simpler your image the easier it will be to read. 
    Scan or Photograph your artwork and upload your image to your order 

  2. Add your text in for the base -  please note, two lines only - letter restrictions may apply if your text does not fit with your drawing  

  3. Select your choice of Velvet and Foil Colour

    Lilac With Silver is pictured in this image 

    Please note: Chalk + Co will arrange your drawing to fit on the 15cm Hoop